Amber Salyers

Specialization: Crossfit

I started CrossFit when I was 32 years old and just had my 3rd son. I didn’t come from an athletic background or play sports in school. I didn’t even know much about CrossFit and I’m sure if I did I would have just stayed home. Everything was hard and everyone was better. My first WOD was Hellen. I remember dying on the run. Struggling on the band for pull ups and the 10# plate for the KB swings. I couldn’t understand why people kept showing up. How could this be fun! Definitely didn’t love CrossFit at first. Before I knew it one day turned into weeks and weeks into months and I started to see progress. My clothes started to fit better. More than the way it made me look, I loved the way it made me feel. I felt strong for the first time and it was empowering. I was a better mom because of it. A few months later I got my level 1 and started an internship at CF Solano. I’ve been a full-time coach since.

I’m not sure what the future may hold for me. I just know that I love this stuff. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m gonna do it until it’s no longer fun for me. I continue to learn a lot about myself and being able to do things I once never imagined I would be doing.

More than anything I love watching my boys grow up around CrossFit. The community of hard work, dedication, discipline & building friendships. If I can inspire anyone I hope I inspire them.


Brenda Zanassi

Specialization: Spin

Exercise has always been a part of my life and I enjoy the therapeutic benefits and the opportunity to share that with others. I pride myself on bringing a little sass to my class, so be prepared for fun!

I use my passion for music, my love of outdoors and cycling to guide my classes on an energetic journey! My classes are constantly changing in order to motivate, challenge and create an environment where anything goes.

I am a certified Spin instructor and have multiple qualifications for teaching TRX classes, so I enjoy bringing the same type of enthusiasm to those sessions as well. Whether it be group classes or one on one sessions, our focus will include strength, conditioning and ultimately improving your health!


Amanda McGovern

Specialization: TRX

Hello, my name is Amanda McGovern and I am a certified suspension trainer.

Since I was young I’ve been a competitive athlete and have always lived an active lifestyle.

However, after having 3 children in 4 years, I found myself hardly able to do a sit-up. As I committed to regain that post-baby body, I began to feel frustrated trying to stay motivated by creating my own workouts and going to the gym alone. I then stepped into my first TRX group class and quickly fell in love with the straps. I felt supported by others working out alongside me, who always cheered me on. I found that TRX challenged me in core strength, flexibility and balance.

TRX is truly versatile and easily adaptable people of all fitness levels both beginners and advanced. I love coaching TRX and would love to help you too EARN YOUR BETTER!